The American Buffet

There once was an old man from the East who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After receiving his diagnosis, the man sought out to visit America. He always dreamed of visiting the country that so many of his friends and relatives had traveled to. He decided that he would visit every major city and all … Continue reading The American Buffet

Religion is Cultural OCD

Shaka: All right, what was that quote you just told me? Friend: Religion is cultural OCD Shaka: Cultural OCD? Friend: Cultural OCD. Shaka: Now I know what ‘cultural’ is as far as meaning what region of the world you are born in… Friend: Mhmm… Shaka: …and I can understand the OCD part because we all … Continue reading Religion is Cultural OCD

Reasons Why

I can't tell you how important it is to have a reason why. A reason for taking your dog on a walk. A reason for quitting tobacco. A reason for building a website. 'Why' is a powerful term. My experience in sales has taught me that you can rattle off perks and benefits all day … Continue reading Reasons Why