Wanderers in the Dark

The bubbles of carbonation, slowly rise like a balloon following the wind; until they pop. But it is the journey that matters. To look down from the window of a plane, to see the ground fall beneath you. To feel the vibrations of the engines propelling you into the; to fall with style. It is during this journey that you are free to move about the cabin, to sow the seed, to create entropy, to create order. You are either a creator or a breaker. A creator is not always good and a breaker is not always bad. Intentions are not always aligned with their impacts. To be human is to be given a key, with that key you may open the Gates of Heaven, or the Gates of Hell. You must choose and choose quickly because you never know when a Gate of Heaven or Hell will arise in your journey. The way a bubble collides with another; so do humans collide. These human collisions are not always physical and often the impacts are not felt til long after we’ve said our goodbyes. Souls collide and electromagnetic fields entangled. Sharing the same space as another individual, sharing thoughts, glances; touch. Pop. 


Nostalgia, a longing for home; a feeling designed by memories that yearns for the familiar. A smell, a taste, a painting. The way a flower can remind you of a person or place. Mom’s lasagna, Dad’s Stetson, Grandpa’s pipe. You might not have thought about her for months, you almost forgot her name, and then her perfume walks past you at the library. Maybe it was her, you don’t want to look, but the longer you don’t, the swelling of curiosity and nostalgia begin to create a storm of ‘What ifs’ in your mind. Did you open a Gate of Heaven or Hell for her? Was she heaven or hell to you? Ah, there they are, the impacts of the collision. Now we remember why it is better not to be together. We were not good for each other, yet we were wonderful together. You see her smile from across the bar; she’s happy and laughing, in good company of her friends at the table. You want to go say hi, and tell her that you’re happy that she’s happy, but perhaps the sight of you won’t make her any happier. Perhaps it’s best if you don’t remind her of the chaos the ensued after the ‘love at first sight’. Indeed, you should leave her alone. She doesn’t need you and you don’t need her. Maybe leaving her was your way of opening a Gate of Heaven. That may be your part in this play. To be a Gate of Hell so that she may recognize a Gate of Heaven. Is this honorable? To play your part? To help another person see. 


We are all travelers in the dark. Judgements based on predispositions. Beliefs built on the pillars of forefathers. Trying to make sense of it all. Like wanderers in the dark. Some gather in groups, some enjoy the loneliness. Some that are in the groups would be better alone and some that are alone, would be better in a group. There are no lights in this cavern, but we do light our paths; we light our paths when we help another wanderer find their path. To help another see in the dark. That is our duty. 

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