The CEO who rides the Subway

“…it has taught me a lot of lessons over the years; patience and punctuality. Both of which are highly useful when it comes to business. Both of which I didn’t have when I was about your age. It has taught me about my audience – meaning I people watch. Life is pretty amusing if you let it be – among other things. It has taught me that having a vehicle in this day and age isn’t really necessary. It isn’t true, what they say about you millennials – ya’ll are actually very intelligent. Millennials ruined sitcoms. Millennials ruined Churchgoing. It’s bullshit. You guys are better at embracing reality than the other generations. Who better to run viral campaigns than you guys? Everyday I am amazed by the ideas the young people in my office come up with. Is everyone one of them practical? No, but I need people who are bold enough to reinvent the wheel. I’m not the brightest tool in the shed. When I was your age my pops always told me 5 minutes early is on time – using the Subway instilled that lesson. One of my favorite takeaways from using the public transit – my schedule does not matter in the grand scheme. Delays should always expected, however, great Artist’s always deliver on time. They also over-deliver. Plus taking the Subway gives me time to read and listen to various podcasts. You should always know your business – and how to put yourself out of business as well. Knowledge is power.”

“Why did you start riding the Subway?”

“Too be old and wise you must first be young and dumb – among the demons of my youth, alcohol was a close friend. I also was arrogant enough to hop behind the wheel of a car after a night of drinking. I got caught and a condition of my deal with the DA was to sell my car. I didn’t need it and it probably saved me from further legal trouble. Back then we didn’t have Uber, but I lived near a metro station and I enjoyed biking. Taking the Subway helped me become more resourceful… This is my stop – I’ve enjoyed our conversation, I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”


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