Conversations About Violence

Big Me: Welcome back to the Shaka Show, we are live here in Dallas, Texas. September swept in hard with a couple of hurricanes. A lot of people are distressed and displaced; a wonderful chance for humanity to come together and show an encouraging amount of love and support. We have today on the show 13 year old me; how you doin’ Shak-attack? You do go by Shak-attack? Right?

Little Me: My name is Shahrukh. Some people call me Shak like Shaq. I’m not big and black tho; I am also not that good at basketball.

Big: Yeah… the basketball thing isn’t gonna change. But I am working on it, I promise.

Little: Working on what?

Big: The Basketball thing, there’s not much I can do about being big and black.

Little: What are you good at?

Big: (listen you little shit – I’ll ask the questions) Well, that list would take too long to go over – but you! You are the talk of the town. I’ve heard quite a bit about your writing… you wrote an 8 page paper about Robert E. Lee, in which you labeled him a “tragic legend figure that represented all that was good in a bad cause“.

Little: Well, the South did have a bad cause. 

Big: Slavery?

Little: And violence.

Big: They were willing to become violent in order to preserve the continuation of indentured servitude.

Little: Slavery.

Big: What do you think about violence?

Little: Violence has affected everyone. You hear news reports of break-ins, child molestation, Police brutality, rapes, carjacks, bank robbery, or people who murder because they are satanic.

Big: Non-satanic people murder each other too.

Little: These are only a few things that happen everyday. It wasn’t that long ago when I was watching the news when it said about a lady who cut off her two or three months old baby’s arms. She said she did it to give a sacrifice to God. The baby died and the lady was charged with capital murder.

Big: Let’s hope she got the death penalty.

Little: 16 years ago was when the terrorist attacked the World Trade Center. Nothing had happened to the United States like that since Pearl Harbor.

Big: I’ll save you the trouble of time zones. It took me 16 years to figure out why I remember seeing the local News Network broadcasting the Twin Towers burning on the living room TV at 7:15am, but everyone says the attacks occurred 8:15am. Which there wasn’t anyway the attacks happened because I would have been at school at 8:15am. But there are these convenient and globally agreed upon zones labeled ‘Time Zones’ reconcile my memory with historical timeline. I hope you’re paying attention to this because I’m saving you a 16 year mystery.

Little: I know about time zones.

Big: (Bullshit) Oh you do? Well, what time is it in Los Angeles, CA?

Little: What does  your watch say?

Big: 11:12

Little: 9:12am. I know time zones. Did you hear about the kid who was found in a closet. He had been abused and all the parent gave him to eat was dog food. I am glad that I live in a non-violence home.

Big: Until you learned how to verbally abuse your older brother. Shit got real.

Little: Victims of violence often turn into bullies. They are abused at home and so they hurt other kids because they are jealous of them. The victim starts fighting and he gets picked on because he has cuts and bruises on his face. The kid’s grades will probably go down. He will be depressed and could commit suicide.

Big: This escalated rather quickly.

Little: Most causes of violence are anger, aggravation, drugs, games, movies, school or gangs. I heard about a kid who picked-on so much that he brought a gun to school and shot the guys who were picking on him.

Big: Revenge of the Nerds.

Little: Drugs is a big one. People who use drugs are the one’s who kill the most.

Big: The people who sell drugs kill a lot as well.

Little: The people who do drugs kill others when they are “high”.

Big: The worse are those who kill to get “high”

Little: Gangs are worse than drugs because of drive-by shootings and gang fights. At North Mesquite High School they have their own “gang week”. Most people who do violence usually grow up in homes that have abusing, depressing families, re-marriage, step-father or mother or divorce.

Big: Wow. I mean you’re not wrong – but do you have any sauce?

Little: We can do something about violence, but for some reason it always happens I mean the police are supposed to help us, but we have police brutality. We put bars on bank windows, but they still break in and steal the money. I don’t know what we can do about this problem. i would leave it up to God. He is really the only person who can do something about it. If we pray maybe he will do something, but let His will be done.

Big: Mom really did keep us in church every other 30 minutes.



(The idea behind this post was to feature a paper I wrote on the subject of ‘Violence’ when I was 13 years old. Circa 2005.)

And as always, thank you for reading.

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