Global Warming and the End of the World

Global Warming. Or is it climate change. Aren’t they the same.
Isn’t the Earth going to have another ice age in like 10,000 years?
Technically, if you put a globe in a microwave and turn it on – Global Warming.

Climate – Local
Global – well, Global.

I could tell you everything about global warming until you asked me.

87% of scientists believe that climate change is mostly caused by human activity, while only 50% of the public does or so I’ve heard.

Yes, the overall temperature of the world is increasing.
Yes, humans are to blame for the rise in CO2 emissions.

But water is the most potent Greenhouse Gas.

Yes. Yes it is. Global Warming means a warmer planet, a warmer planet means it can hold more water vapour in the air. More water vapour in the air means more melting glaciers or so I think.

The Earth warms in cycles.
Milankovitch cycles, have you heard of them?

Milankovitch Cycles cause changes in the Earth’s climate due to the Earth spinning, tilting, and orbitally stretching.

So what? There is more CO2 in the atmosphere and it causes the Earth to warm up a bit. All that means is there will be even more severe weather and volcanic eruptions.

Volcanic eruptions you say? Have you considered Yellowstone?
“Super Volcano”. Sounds like a plan out Dr. Evil’s playbook.

I find it humorous that the increase of CO2 causes an increase in temperature and the increase in temperature causes the ocean and the terrestrial biosphere to release more CO2 into the atmosphere – a positive feedback loop.

There is a positive feedback loop causing the overall amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The only constant is change. Maybe we as humans should do what we can to lower our percentage of CO2 emissions.

But will that stop the cyclical nature of the Earth?

The Earth recycles. New crust is created and old crust is pushed to the bottom.
Dust you are and to dust you will return.

However, a good man is he who prepares the way for those before and after him.

What are you doing today to prepare the way?

And as always, thank you for reading.

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